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The Mecca Long Tee (light beige)

The Mecca Long Tee (light beige)

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light beige
Front : Photo graphic print
S, M, L, XL, XXL

Local Hoop : Global Loop
Holcombe Rucker Park, New York

New York City is the capital of STREET BASKETBALL.
Rucker Park, embedded with the history of NYC streetball, is the mecca.

Located in the Harlem projects, the court was built in hopes to steer kids away from drugs and crime.

In 1970, a pre-professional Dr. J played a game that had spectators mushing around the court, some even climbing on the walls of neighboring buildings to catch a glance.

In the 1980's, EBC began: a streetball tournament held every summer in which many NBA greats have played in during the offseason. Kevin Durant being one of them, and his 66-point game during the NBA lockdown went viral and became legendary.

Always surrounded by the energy and excitement of the crowd.
Many courts in NYC, countless courts around the world, but Rucker Park is a one and only.


100% Cotton

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Size(Body Length cm / Body Width cm)
S(62 / 49)
M(66 / 52)
L(70 / 55)
XL(74 / 58)
XXL(78 / 63)

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