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L-I-FE Sweat Zip Shorts (gray)

L-I-FE Sweat Zip Shorts (gray)

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This is the title of the documentary which ballaholic would follow after a person who is crazy about basketball

These words have power and means a lot to us

Whether it's coincidence or inevitable

We just happen to place our favorite words randomly

Every word connects to eachother

You can combine it or shuffle it any way you like

If you can relate yourself to any of these words, we want you to wear this

The tee is made of 100% cotton

It would be dripping wet with sweat when you play

It would get worned out by wash after wash

It would get shabby from wearing over and over again

But that's the dress code at it's finest





100% cotton.

Original light ounce sweat shorts.

SIZE CHART (Outseam|Inseam|hem-width|Waist)

S(18.5" | 9.5" | 13" | 28.5")

M (19.75" | 10" | 13.5" | 30")

L(21" | 10.75" | 13.75" | 31.5")

XL (22" | 11.25" | 14.25" | 33")

XXL(23.25" | 12" | 14.5" | 34.75")

3XL(24.5" | 12.5" | 15" | 36.25")

The measurement are not perfectly exact but within an acceptable error range.